Youth Group

Ministry with young people occurs within the context of the Archdiocesan Vision that consists of three essential dimensions.  The goal of ministry with young people in this Archdiocese is that young people:


  • Embrace the person and vision of Jesus

  • Build Communion with God and others

  • Engage in Jesus' Mission in our world



Thank you Thank you!


A very sincere thank you for all of your prayers and support for our young people who recently attended the Ignite Summer Camp 'Promise' 2016 at Mount Tamborine.


How very Blessed were the 200 plus teenagers who were able to take part in this amazing life giving 4 day event. It is impossible to come away from such a wonderful experience without being changed, enlightened and inspired in some way.  It was so incredibly encouraging to witness these young people entering into and really wanting to deepen their relationship with Jesus.


Just to see over 150 teenagers waiting in line to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation because they wanted and needed to feel God's Love and Mercy was very moving.  Our Church has so very much to offer through its life giving Sacraments and on the camp we were very Blessed with celebrating Eucharist every day and Reco was available every evening.


We also had Holy Spirit night and a Adoration evening and continual Adoration was available all day & during the night sessions. The young people were also encouraged to go to prayer teams which most of them did, and some several times.  There were lots of emotions and tears were flowing as hearts were changed and Our Lord's Merciful Love and His Grace was truly felt.


There was a lot of very deep and meaningful praise and worship (which is literally praying through song) with Brisbane's own Emmanuel Worship Catholic live band.  Young people really connect and are impacted by music and they learnt some awesome new songs in which they feel a deep connection with God.  Many lifelong friendships have formed on these Ignite camps, and it is so important to have Faith

friends.( Brothers and Sisters in Christ)


We were fortunate to have some very inspirational young speakers which the teenagers really enjoyed listening to.  They kept it real and spoke the truth which was appreciated by the youth. Besides all of this they all had heaps of fun with drama & art & lots of crazy outdoor

fun activities, dance party, girls & guys day and the food was great.


We would love you to watch the short YouTube highlights of the camp and you will see some of our Gympie youth on there having the time of their lives.( Just type in summer camp 2016 highlights).


God Bless you & and may God's Peace be with you all.


Yours in Christ

Jo & Darcy Rogers

 Our Deanery Youth Attend Ignite Summer Camp 15 One Hope

January 2015


Thankyou for all the prayers and support for all of the youth (especially our 22 D e a n e r y   y o u n g people) who recently attended the Ignite Summer Camp at Mount Tamborine. The Holy Spirit was b e a u t i f u l l y a n d powerfully present over the amazing four days of this life changing Catholiccamp.


Wow just to see well over 120 + youth lined up to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Reco as most of the young people call it these days) and to be prayed over by prayer teams was incredible! We were very blessed to be able to celebrate the Eucharist every day and to have continual Adoration available all day & during the night sessions.


Loads of fun was had on this awesome camp and there was lots of very moving praise and worship with Emmanuel Worship life band. Many lifelong friendships were formed with new brothers and sisters in Christ. The session groups were held twice daily with wonderfully inspiring youth leaders (2 of which were Gympie boys Nick Rinehart & Hogan Rogers). Lots of issues and truths were discussed, lots of talk

about the pressures and influences of the world that our young people are facing and dealing with today.


Hope was given through keeping close to Jesus and in regularly attending Church and its life giving Sacraments and also keeping Christ centred people/friends close to you. So the young were really

encouraged to plug into the ultimate power source and recharge & to keep them strong in their Faith!


Yours in Christ

Jo Rogers


”Christ has confidence in young people and entrusts them with the future of his mission, “Go and make disciples”. Go beyond the confines of what is humanly possible and create a world of brothers and sisters!” Pope Francis