The Use of the St Patrick's Parish Centre


  • The original concept for the centre was to have a building to allow for an extension of the Church for functions such as children's liturgy, light refreshments after church attendance, funerals and meetings of the various ministries and sub-committees of the Parish.

  • It was not envisaged that the centre would be available for private functions or for public hire.

  • It is not approved as a commercial kitchen and most storage space is for the benefit of the Care and Concern Committee and other ministries within the Parish only.

 The Construction of our St Patrick's Parish Centre


At long last, our Parish is finally blessed to have a place where parishioners can get together and congregate for church functions such as Sunday morning tea and the celebrations of various feasts, such as St Patrick's Day.  This will be the meeting place and workshop venue for our various ministries and community groups.  Parishioners and visitors with mobility limitations will find the close proximity of this centre very convenient and accessible.  The Care and Concern Group will be able to continue to offer much needed service and refreshments after funerals in this centre.  More photos and information will be posted as they come on hand. 
Please pray for the continuous safety of our workers, students and everyone who sets foot on this construction site.

On 7 September 2014, after celebrating Sunday Mass, Fr Pat blessed the building site.


Safety fences were erected and the construction of the new building was started on Monday, 8 September  2014.

Construction continues:  Diggings started.

Construction continues:  Footings were put in place.

Construction continues: Flooring concrete has been poured.

Construction continues: We now have walls and windows.



Construction continues: The main beam and the roof frames have been installed.

Construction continues: The outside walls are now being rendered.

Construction continues:  The Parish Centre is now starting to take shape.  Not long to go now.



Left photo - as viewed from the Pious Goods Store end.  Right Photo - as viewed from the parking lot end

Left photo - the whitewashed ceiling  Right photo - the space near the windows provided for the kitchen/tea making facility

The Pious Goods Store nearing lock up stage.

The disability ramp is nearing completion.

The sliding doors are up.

The kitchen has been installed.

A closer photo of the kitchen.

The interior of the Parish Centre being prepared for completion

The electricians have started their installations.  The ceiling fans are up.

The hand rails are up.

The electrical installations are getting organised.

The frames are ready for stained glass panels.

Proposed designs for the stained glass windows.

The Pious Goods Store is now open and operating again

Looking at the Parish Centre from the side

Preparing for the Blessing of the Parish Centre by his Grace, Archbishop Mark Coleridge, on 30 March 2015.

The parishioners and religious leaders enjoying a cuppa at the Parish Centre, after the Mass for the Distribution of the Oils, on 30 March 2015.