Men's Regional Event - 16 / 17 June 2012


What the menALIVE team leader from Brisbane has said: 


“While the numbers were a little low, the response was big---- what a great weekend!  I am sure many lives have been impacted and many graces will come for St Patrick’s and the eight surrounding Church locations.  There were moments when God was tangibly present and men’s hearts experienced the love of God.


Again, thank the ladies for the hospitality and the excellent catering. (There were twelve of them.)


Well done all.”




What some of the participants have said:


· Had a great time. Thanks.


· Very workable, especially the specific actions to build the menALIVE concept and ensure long lasting benefits . Well done , Well prepared weekend. Thank you very much.


· Inspiring, well worth the effort.


· I have really enjoyed the weekend with menALIVE. They have challenged me and it has encouraged me to commit myself and deepen my faith.


· Will definitely try the recommendations.


· Crikey! - Inspirational. I love the process of awareness followed by action.


· A significant impact as we start the year of Grace