Year A 2020

Fr Dominic Orih 

Second Sunday in the Ordinary Time


Dear friends, once again we enter the Ordinary Time of the year in the Church’s calendar. The fact that we call it the “ordinary time” doesn’t mean that it is ordinary in the sense that nothing exciting is happening. It is rather a period when we are drawn into the living dynamic nature of the church as a living organism because the church is the Mystical Body of Christ. 


Our readings today help us to reflect on this living dynamic nature of the church. From the beginning God wants to dwell with his people. This is the reason as Catholics we believe in a God who is not distant and far removed from creation but a God who is actively present and manifesting through all creation – God manifest Godself to and through us. This is why God is never tired of calling us, choosing us, speaking to us and radiating in us and through us the infinite Divine light.


The words from prophet Isaiah in our first reading comes to mind. “I will make you the light of the nations so that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.” The word of God from prophet Isaiah speaks of Israel as the chosen people of God through whom God’s light will manifest to the whole world; which means that Israel is not chosen for itself alone, but to manifest God to the whole world. The Good News is, we are the new Israel. By adoption we have become sons and daughters of God. Through Christ we get to share in this Original Blessing and foundation.


It seems to me that God needs an access point to reach us; an access point that is tangible, material and real. This   access point became fully manifest in the person of Jesus Christ who through his life and death brought us Jews and Gentiles into the inner dynamic life of the Trinity. A life where we live in the heart of God because all our sins are  taken away by the precious blood of Jesus. The whole thing has been washed away from the beginning. Now you begin to understand why John would exclaim in our Gospel reading today when he saw Jesus coming towards him, “Look, there is the lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.”


Jesus is the Christ that has been in existence since the foundation of the world. It means that finally God gets to hang out with his people in flesh and blood in the person of Jesus Christ. The bible tells us that after his baptism, Jesus went about doing good. God was touching people, healing them, releasing them from their distress and setting prisoners free in flesh and blood. The reign of God becomes tangible in those whose life were touched by God. To simply put it, God was drawing us into the living dynamic nature of the church by showing us who God is through his liberation mission here on earth. As people who will continue that work of God here on earth, we are called to participate in the ongoing creation of our world in flesh and blood.


That responsibility includes taking care of our environment. With the recent bushfire crisis in our country we are called to take measures that will help preserve our environment for generations to come. It also includes taking care of one another, the sick, the lonely, the depressed, those struggling with different kinds of addiction, those dealing with mental health issues and many other things that has held people bondage in their lives. In fact, the whole mission of Christ as he went about doing good is our mission to keep going about doing good in our world. Why? Because we are the Body of Christ. What affect a member affects everyone. As a living organism, no part will claim more important than the other and no part will ignore the other who is suffering. We are all one in Christ and our world needs us today. So, may you become the access point for God to manifest through in our world; and may you like the prophet Isaiah shine so that God’s Good News and liberation mission could reach the ends of the earth. Amen!


And may God bless you! Fr. Dom