Year C 2022


Gospel today gives us the Last Discourse of Jesus before he leaves the world physically. The beauty of our lectionary is that follows the rhythm of our liturgical calendar. Next week we’ll celebrate Ascension Sunday when Jesus leaves the earth body and soul, so Jesus’ words this week draw us into a message of hope that He wants to leave behind for us.


What is that message?


John’s Gospel poetically ties in a particular theme when it comes to talking about Jesus and the Father. That theme comes from the Greek word meno which means abide, to stay or remain. God the Father abides (meno) within Jesus.


Our reading says, “If anyone loves me he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we shall come to him and make our home with him.” The word home comes from the same Greek word meno. We also get the words like dwelling and room depending on your translation.


The point here, is that although Jesus leaves us physically in the Ascension, we’re still given the opportunity to invite Jesus into a new dwelling place; our hearts. Jesus leaves us to be with the Father in heaven but rather than creating distance between us, Jesus comes to us more intimately and personally through the Word and Eucharist.


When we look back on the history of the people of Israel, we see God among them in their tent of meeting. We’ve come to know this as the tabernacle. God shows us, in the very least, that God has been intimately present to the needs and cries of God’s people by being present among them. That same presence, emphasised in Jesus, reaches further into suffering and death.


Since this connection to our humanity has been established by God, it can no longer be broken. The only thing we can do to distance ourselves from God is to constantly reject a loving, patient and merciful Lord. Good Luck!


As we draw closer to Ascension Sunday, we’re reminded that Jesus wants to establish a dwelling within us, to be with us through life. There’s no need for us to clean up, we simply need to open up our hearts to Him.


May our hearts be a home for the living God who make every effort to reach out to us.