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St. Patrick’s Pious Goods Store

PIETY STORE will be open 8.30 am to 9 am

& 5 pm to 5.30 pm each Sunday (January 2021)

Open Sunday mornings from 8.30am, closed during Mass, open after Mass until 10.15am and Sunday afternoons before Mass from 5..00pm until 5.30pm.  In addition to our usual range of goods to enrich your faith, we now have the Columban calendars for $9.00 each and a range of Christmas items available for gifts and personal enjoyment.











Gatherings are suspended until further notice.  Continue to pray at home.



Our Women Parishioners are invited to pray together

9.30am in the Parish Centre every Thursday.


Next meeting will be  9.30am in the Parish Centre

All WELCOME to stay for a cuppa afterwards

Queries: Helen 5482 1213



Block Rosary for Our Mother of Perpetual Help










All parishioners are invited to join the Rosary Group for an early morning rosary devotion to our Mother of Perpetual Help.


The group meets at a nominated parishioner's residence every Wednesday for prayers, reflection, fellowship and a heary breakfast.  Nominated parishioners will have the image of our Mother for 1 week.



For more information, please ring Dina Leidel or Nita Dooley through the Parish Office 5482 1213.  Some form of transport will be available to those who are interested.




  • A Register of Blue Card Holders needs to be compiled in our Parish.

  • If you are doing voluntary work in our Parish and have a Blue Card, would you please visit the Parish Office so the Register can be updated.

  • If you need a Blue Card, Vi or Anne will give you an application form.

  • Thank you

St Patrick's Parish Catholic Community Gympie supports and engages in the Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy

For more details, please visit: