Announcements from the Archbishop of Brisbane

The Most Reverend Mark Coleridge

A Lenten Proposal


Lent is just around the corner. Ash Wednesday is 26 February. How shall we give ourselves the best chance to deepen our faith over the 6 weeks preparation for the celebrations of Easter?


I propose that we use the following resource preferably in small groups at home or in the parish centre. Some may prefer listening and reflecting on their own.


Fr John Chalmers has given presentations on Pope Francis’Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel) to dioceses, groups and parishes. These reflections are available free of charge in audio and text. Permission is given for copies to be made for local use, eg parish, group, school.


Presentation (Audio Files):

Below there are six audio files (MP3) of Fr Chalmers giving each of these presentations. You may listen to these on the website or download them to your computer. This will enable you to listen to these files on a computer, iPod,    iPhone, iPad, Kindle or Android device.

01 Encountering Jesus (28.65 MB)

02 Finding Ways to Communicate with Jesus (24.14 MB)

03 Shining Forth in a Life of Fidelity to the Gospel (22.43 MB)

04 Embracing with Tender Affection those who are Poor and Vulnerable (27.83 MB)

05 Being Church (26.51 MB)

06 Precious Allies (22.43 MB)


Reflections on the Presentations:

The following PDF files (3-4 pages each) are reflections on each of the presentations with questions for reflection, sharing, discussion and formation. You may print these for parish councils, staff, groups and individuals. The files can also be transferred to an iPhone or tablet and read by an app such as GoodReader.

1 Encountering Jesus

2 Finding ways to communicate with Jesus

3 Shining Forth

4 Embracing the Poor

5 Being Church

6 Precious Allies


We find the resource on the website for Evangelisation Brisbane (type those words into Google or whichever search engine you use. Click on Resources and then Joy of the Gospel. There you will find “Joy-filled good news” and it asks you to choose “online shop”. There you will find what appears above.


Give it a go this week to find the resource. Don’t be afraid to ask friends who are more at home with computers than you may be. If you would like to listen to Fr John as part of a group let the office staff know by phone or email.  Happy hunting.